Seven Sisters: a project of global solidarity for expanding the vibe and tribe of sisterhood and empowering collective action 


The Seven Sisters project is inspired by the celebration of Shakti Bandhan initiated by ALL to connect women worldwide in a spirit of sisters beyond borders. 


The Seven Sisters project further aims to empower the spirit and strength of our togetherness - by leading as a group of seven and acting in togetherness, we energise our endeavours with the power of the collective. 


With a spiritual sanctity as well, the number seven is seen across cultures as one that elevates and ennobles our consciousness: seven chakras, seven musical notes, seven colors of the rainbow…


In a way, 7 becomes the new 1 wherein we are supported by the collective strength and guided by the greater wisdom of our harmonious oneness. 


The first Seven Sisters in India were nominated for 2023 at a ceremony on 18 August 2022 in Chennai.


Every year the Seven Sisters nominate the next Seven for the next year. 


In due course, Seven Sisters will be nominated in every country toward global sisterhood and solidarity. 


Role of Seven Sisters:


  1. Sisterhood. To serve as torchbearers and embodiments of sisterhood, and to awaken and inspire the vibe and tribe of sisterhood.


  1. Shakti Bandhan. To celebrate Shakti Bandhan all year round. 


  1. Solidarity. To connect with one another and sisters globally to builds our bonds in solidarity for networking, support, empowerment and collaborations, as a glue and gateway to greater possibilities for All.


  1. Strength. To energise self-belief and uphold respect and dignity for women in all walks of life manifesting our strength and Shakti.


  1. Support. To recognise and honour women’s leadership that supports society in myriad ways every day and to foster culture and mindsets for supporting women likewise.


  1. Society. To reach out to one and all including youth and men and all, including them as allies for transformation and change.


  1. Service. To set the annual agenda and calendar of events toward a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable world for all.


The Pledge of Seven Sisters: 


I (Name) do solemnly affirm to uphold the Seven Sacred Values of Seven Sisters, which are of, Sisterhood, Shakti Bandhan, Solidarity, Strength, Support, Society and Service. Together, we pledge to embody and energise these values individually and collectively, as we pave the path of possibilities for ALL.


Seven Sisters 2023, India 

  1. Pramila Raajkumar 
  2. Megalai Sendhilkumar
  3. Shikha Sharma 
  4. Dr. Rajashree Krishnaswamy
  5. Mansi Mahajan 
  6. Priya Vishwanath
  7. Dr. Deepa Senthil