Would you like to lead as an ALL Chapter Chair in your city/state/country/sector of interest? We would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us at :- dg@aall.in

Role & Responsibilities:

*A chapter is a free and informal circle of sisterhood. Using social media platforms, reach out to more women in your community and networks and form a supportive circle that encourages and enables, helps and heals, inspires and invigorates....Guided by our Code of Conduct of ALL positivity and No Negativity, the Chapter Chair provides overall direction, and encourages ALL to participate equally as custodians of our caring culture and empowering endeavours.

* Meetings/Events: You can decide to meet once a month or more (online/offline). Even if few people can meet up from time to time, personal contact greatly helps build the team with trust and transparency. We also encourage members to undertake joint projects and ventures in collaborative spirit strengthening She-for-She bonds and elevating energy with goal-setting and project-orientation levels. You can also conduct Webinars regularly where members can share their stories for our collective inspiration, and also building our self-confident sharing and exchange.

* ALL Conclave and ALL Awards: Endeavour to hold an An ALL Chapter Conclave with ALL Awards. It is an opportunity for the chapter to engage with thought leaders and changemakers in your community, strengthening All.

* Celebrate Shakti Bandhan - World Sisterhood Day on Oct 5 every year. At ALL, we have a tradition of “Shakti Bandhan” (Shakti: Divine Feminine; Bandhan: Bond) where we tie ceremonial threads (any kind) to soul sisters and other people in our lives to honor them. It’s a symbol of strengthening each other with our innate inner power or Shakti that exists in All at All times. By definition, ALL refers to unleashing the Shakti within ALL of us via distributed leadership and participation of one and ALL. Every year on Oct 5, we celebrate our World Sisterhood Day. Of course, it's also celebrated in ALL seasons for ALL reasons as sisterhood accompanies us always. Welcome to celebrate it anytime. It’s the best ice-breaker and energiser of our Spirit of Sisterhood.

* Additional Roles based on Chapter Chair level of responsibility (Country/State/City): In addition to formation of a chapter group (common to all), State level chapter chairs need to additionally recommend more chapter chairs in different Cities across that state for the given vertical/sector. Likewise, Country level chapter chairs need to recommend more chapter chairs in different States and Cities country wide for the given vertical/sector. We will invite these chapter chairs with your reference and you will be offering your guidance to them in peer inspiration and exchange.

* At the close of your tenure (a year usually), you would need to send to us your Annual Report/Newsletter pdf presenting a visual summary of chapter activities done. We will upload the same on the ALL website.

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